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  1. I don't think that it missed some steps, the first model had perfect dimensions in the Z axis. But yes, my Z axis rods do sometimes make rumbling noise when moving, which is probably caused by bad lubrication of the rods. I'll try lubricating them and I'll let you know. Btw can I use WD-40? Also you wanted to know what printer do I have. I have Jgaurora A5.
  2. Got the nozzle exchanged, but please, could someone reply? If it's a bug, it's quite dangerous for one's printer.
  3. Hi, I had problems printing 2 parts at the same time so I made them print one and then the other. I left, because I had to go shopping for food, and when I came back, one model was nice done ( the first one), but the other was stuck to the print bed like crazy and when I removed it and measured it with calipers in the Z direction, the second model was about 3mm lower than the other and the ultrabase below it was all scratched up and the nozzle will probably need itself being replaced. From what I saw I can surely say that something (probably cura) made the second print start 3mm below the bed level, resulting in my bed being destroyed, luckily on almost the very edge. I had it leveled and when I checked the bed screws, none were loose. Leveling the bed afterwards wasn't necessary, the bed was completely leveled and the distance between the bed and the nozzle was the same everywhere, just the very tip of the nozzle got brushed off. If it is really the Cura's fault, it should be fixed ASAP. I was very lucky I didn't print it in the center and that it was a very small object, so I don't have to replace the whole print bed due to this. Anyone has any ideas what could this be caused by? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have the same problem, and I noticed that as it's lower to bed it leaks more and as it prints for longer, it improves and as I have it at about 2mm high, it almost doesn't leak. I use JGAurora A5 (great printer by the way) and I have different problems with retraction: even if it's turned on, there are some serious oozes while moving and it makes those typical stringing trees all over the print, no matter what's the distance of travel move. Can it be because I bought the cheapest filament avaiable? I think so. Thank you, this discussion helped me a lot. Hopefuly you can help me with some other possible problems, because I'm not that experienced 3D printer user. Thanks.
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