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  1. @SandervG: Thank you, but I cannot find the type of stainless steel used on their website. My guess is that A2 and 303 are enough corrosion resistant, but I know that not all stainless steels are suitable for processing PVC in injection moulding. @geert_2: Good point: the little material on the outside of the nozzle may have material degradation/corrosion. Fortunately it is normally only a little bit of material. Does anyone know what metal is used for the fan duct? It is (a bit) magnetic, so it could be stainless? Or is it a zinc plated steel?
  2. what are my options for stainless steel nozzles on my Ultimaker 2 extended+ for processing PVC? Does any M6 threaded stainless steel nozzle work/fit? for example: https://hobbyking.com/nl_nl/3d-printer-stainless-steel-nozzle.html https://www.3dxtech.com/e3dv6-compatible-hercules-a2-hardened-steel-nozzle/ I see tips from A2 and 303 stainless steel. Are there any other nozzle options in stainless steel?
  3. @geert_2: I intend to melt PVC, not burn it.? I know processing PVC has its difficulties, that is why only few injection moulders dare to process it... Speaking of which: is there a (detailed) list of what components are made from what material? Especially in/near the extruder? Processing PVC can cause corrosion easily... @P3D: I already contacted the supplier in Germany, but I thought maybe someone else here has tried it already. Thank you both for your replies/ suggestions.
  4. Hello all, I read some articles on the internet that there are some companies making PVC filament. I work for an injection moulder, and we also process PVC for series production. Making 3D prints in real PVC may be extra interesting for our clients. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with PVC filament on an Ultimaker (or maybe on other printers)?
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