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  1. We do have wifi in every home and smartphone but for some reason s5 is not allowed to be sold here with the wifi module
  2. in israel we have the wifi card removed so it's all grayed out. i called the official retailer and they said they remove the wifi card because it's blocking some military bands. maybe it's the same in germany?
  3. Thank you Carla, this makes the use of pva sort of impossible for me..i guess i can always use the second print core for regular pla support
  4. thank you, the pva fillament is only 3 days old since opening it from the package..i live in very humid country, around 60-70% in this season, so i need to dry it everyday or few hours?
  5. hello guys, i am trying to print a simple model with cura default settings (16 hours print). using in core 1 ultimaker genuine tough pla green and in core 2 ultimaker genuine pva support material. after 4 hours i got fillament empty error, both of them were full so i observed the problem is in core 2 the pva one, so i just pulled it out and in and clicked resume. since then every 10 minutes the print stops due the fillament empty error (the pva one). i replaced it few times, cleaned the core head and still it will give me this message again after 5-15 minutes in average. also sometimes when it prints with the pva head i hear very weak "popping" like when you burn plastic or oil in the pan. i don't hear it when core 1 the tough pla head is printing. some images of the print are attached. eventually i aborted it as it's not possible to work like that. also when i woke up of course i had this error again so the printer was sitting for 6 hours not working and both motors were VERY hot. isnt there some safety option so the printer will turn off if it's not printing?
  6. Hello guys, how do I turn off the ambient white lights during printing? No option in tune menu latest stable firmware. Thanks
  7. thank you guys. can i order the um3 core print heads aa and bb 0.8 mm? both of the heads that came with the s5 are 0.4. i changed the settings in cura to 0.8 and the printing time was cut in half
  8. Hi guys I'm new to ultimaker and got a new s5. It prints all very nicely but the speed is very slow. A model that took 7 hours to slice and print on lulzbot mini 2 takes 17 hours on the s5 even with 1 or 2 extruders and on the fastest diameter 0.2. Am I missing something? I did not touch any setting in cura but the default..
  9. No we have 2.4ghz and. 5ghz wifi here, no idea why the module in s5 is not allowed here..
  10. Now that's an idea, will sure look into it
  11. I just managed to contact the reseller, he said that all ultimaker printers sold in israel are without the wifi card because the frequency of the wifi interffears with military bands.. So no wifi for me ?
  12. Okay will do. Thank you very much for the prompt reply guys, really appreciate it
  13. Strange.. It's an official reseller a new firstly used printer. Will contact them after the local holiday is over in here, maybe I am doing something wrong though?
  14. Hi, yes I did try that and also got latest firmware
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