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  1. The material had flowed completely around the head so even when I heated it up, it did not soften enough to push the material out of the gap behind the nozzle. This gap is needed for the head to move up enough to remove the print core. I ended up having to take the printcore out with the bracket it slides into. Then I had to use Acetone to melt and chip away the PC material enough to remove the core from the bracket. There was no way to do this without destroying the printcore. So, although I destroyed the print core, I was able to get the bracket out and reinstalled into the unit. The next issue was leads to the fan and the sensor/shield on the head unit were pulled out of their contact holders when I had to pull on the core and melted PC material. I tried to solder them back on, but as soon as I did the contact must have gotten too hot and it fell off of the senor board. So, it looks like I need to get a new core and also a new cover/sensor/fan unit. Ultimaker was very helpful with getting me these new units and I should have them on in (2) days. I assume once I install these new parts everything should be back to normal. I'm still not sure how this occurred though. I had done the same print 3x before without an issue.
  2. Yes, it occurred on a S5. It flooded around the head so it is locked into place on 3 sides (it's even blocking core #2 so I can't pull that one either). It seems to heat up ok when I tried to change materials. Found it on the print core screen. Had to hit the 3-dots in the corner to pull up an additional screen I did not originally see. Thanks for the help.
  3. Does anyone have a link on how to manually heat the print core up? I've gone through the menus on the S5 and haven't seen anywhere I can go to get the print core to heat up to PC temps for a sustained amount of time.
  4. I was printing a PC piece when the print core jammed up. By the time I noticed the malfunction, there was a large blob of PC material getting moved around with the print head. I removed the blob and everything seemed ok. When I tried to do another print I kept getting errors. When I went to open the housing to look at the print core, I saw the core had PC material all around it (see attached picture). The material must have oozed out around the print core during the previous error. Is there anyway to manually heat the head up to a high enough temp to remove this material? I tried chipping it off but PC is way to hard to remove. Just looking for some help on how to remove the extra material and hopefully salvage my print core.
  5. I have a S5 and it initially worked well with printing PVA material. Now every time I run a large print it keeps giving me the error "One of the materials appears to be empty". There is plenty of material on the spool and it doesn't appear to be jammed in anyway. This only occurs with Ultimaker PVA material (PLA works fine). I tried opening up the feed casing to see if I could adjust the tension of the feed system but this did not seem to have any real effect. I spoke to a colleague and he had similar issues with PVA but not as often. I can only print for 20-30 minutes before I get the error again. Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, is there a solution or workaround?
  6. I have tried this and it merges the components together. I wanted to have the components made out of different materials but having a single STL model exported does not allow this as the software sees it as one piece.
  7. I am attempting to bring in a Solidworks assembly into Cura. When I bring the assembly in, all the components lose orientation and I need to manually realign them. For simple models this is achievable, but for complex models it will not be. I watched the demos I saw on-line about importing assemblies and how to use the "Arrange all models" feature but this results in all the models being placed side by side. Is there a way to import the components of an assembly into Cura and have them retain their orientation relationships? Is there a work around or can Cura not handle Solidwork Assemblies?
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