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  1. Good morning, Just updated CURA from 4.7.1 to 4.8 and when I go to import the printer profiles I have been using I get a couple different errors. Wondering if these have been seen before and what I can do to fix it. Both seen to do with the 'quality type'. The printer is the Artillery Sidewinder X1. The first error says, "Successfully imported profile...... Warning: the profile is not visible its quality type 'draft' is not available for the current configuration. Switch to a material/nozzle combination that can use this quality type. The next one says "Failed to import profile from C:\...... , Quality type fast is not compatible with the current active machine type definition SWX1_petg-Nuzzle_0.4-002.curaprofile 3DN_Artillery_SWX1_Base.curaprofile
  2. Hello to all! I am NEW to the 3D printing world and have read a lot so far and I have not even got my 3D printer yet!! I have taken a 2D logo into an app and created a SVG file. Then into Blender to extrude it and turn it into a mesh object and save it as a STL. All good so far. When I bring it into Cura and place a block under it and slice it, only the block has slices. So it seems to be while the imported 3d model has walls I am thinking that they have no width and thus can't be sliced. My question is then, how to I add thickness to something like this. I know it is not something that Cura would do but I am open to try other apps. The logo when I bring it in has thickness in the letters and other graphics.. Might be something real easy but again I am at the noob stage. Thanks for any and all help. (The logo I am working with is attached from a screen grab, the original is better quality) Jeff
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