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  1. You were right Geert_2! the left stepper motor bolts became sightly lose. The belt was loose and the speed was causing the teeth to skip and causing the print to shift... tightened it up and all good thanks again
  2. what could be causing this shifting in the layers? ive never had this happen before... is this a slicer / code malfunction ? trying to find a solution, not too sure where to start though. Everything looks fine in cura preview with the print layers I’ll try to re-export the model as obj and see if anything changes
  3. is there a way to know what time in the print time a specific layer will be at? I am embedding a magnet at a certain layer, it is a large print and it would be nice to know the exact time i would have to be there for the pause. thanks, Ryan
  4. Does the power switch on the s5 have to be turned on for the dehumidifying feature to be active on the material station? or is enough to have the power plugged in and s5 power switch off?n Thanks, ryan
  5. Yea the more I look into this, I think the printer has to be a high-temp printer that prints PEI filament, or resin printer with high temp resin. It does seem to work for micro injection Molding machines though...under 100 part run per 3d printed Mold. It was mainly the cycle time of 60 secs per part that attracted me , and without the added cnc cost. Im Curious if ultimaker has plans of a printcore that could Handle PEI filament in the future?
  6. I did find that Proto-Pasta makes metal filled HTPLA. On their site it says that when heat treated will be stable to 175c. Thought Id post that in case anyone else was wondering this. hopefully ill be able to test this in the next couple months
  7. Anyone have experience with 3d printing Molds for desktop injection Molding machines? the machine I was looking at recommended at least 160c HDT and I’m wondering if the xstrand filament would be able to handle that? Or is there any other filament that the Ultimaker s5 could print that has a high enough HDT? Thanks, ryan
  8. Hello, The cost specification does not seem to be working. I have Cura 3.5.1 I have entered the filament cost in material preferences, and selected the specific material for the extruders. But when i mouse-over on the main screen it shows the proper material "m" &"g" but $0 for the cost what am i missing? Thanks Ryan
  9. That sounds right. I think maybe I was worried the print core wasn’t “clicked in” properly. So I must have pulled it back out. It seems pretty straight forward the menu and the instructions, I was just having a dull moment. ?‍♂️?
  10. Ha perfect! Was too busy looking through the menu, didn’t see the obvious. thanks, Ryan
  11. Hello, I accidentally hit confirm on the s5 when the changed core wasn’t installed yet. The material extruded back down and I’m not to sure how to get it to go back up so the print core can click in. Just bought this machine so I am quite new with it. ive attached a picture to show what I mean. Thanks, Ryan
  12. leave cura open on PC install "remote desktop" extension for chrome install "chrome remote desktop" app for phone connect to pc from phone with chrome remote desktop
  13. I have just left cura open on my laptop and connected to the laptop through chrome remote desktop. pretty simple, can monitor , pause, abort .. whatever... from anywhere
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