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  1. Hello, I have been having issues with this printer since last year - below is a previous thread which I have posted. The issue i'm getting is when I print with PLA and use the PVA support..i can print fine when I use PLA (printcore1) on its own and for support. When I print using PVA, it will cut out after about an hour with the error - Max Temp error on the Printcore in printhead slot 2. When this first arose, I replaced the printcore, updated the firmwear and checked the silcone covers were in place. I'm fairly sure the temperture in the room is fine as well as I never had any problems before. I spoke to people on the 3dGBIRE helpdesk and they said it was possibly the print head cable to they sent a new one and I replaced it yesterday but no luck!!! Am I looking at a whole print head replacement? Has anyone experienced this before? I had to dismantle the printhead before as a spring had fallen and was blocking the PVA extruding.. I also had a major clogging where the PLA backed up completely into the printhead and it took a lot of work to remove it all! I'm wondering if either of these issues may have led to this. I would appreciate any help or advice, thank you.
  2. Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone could help me with the above error. I saw a few threads on the issue dating back to 2017 but most suggested that it was a bug that could be fixed by upgrading the firmware. I upgraded the firmware only a couple of months ago so not sure it would be that bug. It has happened on the same print twice now, and the print is fairly small and centered. Any help would be appreciated as always.
  3. Hi Everyone, Back with another issue! This time on the Ultimaker 2 though. I had a print on today and went to check it and there was a banging noise that I could hear from outside the room. When I went to the printer I could see that the print had failed and that the printhead was only moving left to right and not up and down. After I had aborted the print, I tried to move the printhead myself and it is fine moving from left to right but I can't move it up and down, it seems to be completely jammed somehow. Even applying a bit of force it won't budge much. There was no error message, and was still printing fine from left to right. Any ideas as to what has happened and how it might be fixed? Thank you!
  4. Thank you both! I applied some pressure as suggested and its back up in place again!
  5. Hi Everyone, I had an issue were a printjob got stuck to the printcore and all the filament backed up inside the printhead. It took a while but i managed to clear it all! The problem is, since it happened the door of the print head won't close, its like the magnets have broken. There's always something! Would anyone know why this has happened or have a solution besides taping it up? Thank you!
  6. Great, thanks Erin, I'll get that done first thing this morning. I got two small prints out of it today before the error came again. Annoying to say the least!
  7. Possibly not up to date Erin, I havent updated them since I received them anyway, not sure when the last update was done by my previous colleague! Thanks for the advice gr5, I will see if i can find a volt meter.
  8. Unfortunately I don't think my reseller will accept them! I will do a bit of investigating into the temp sensor thank you
  9. Just as an update, thanks to Erin i managed to get the spring back in place. I think i tired placing the screw in every direction other than the right direction! Anyway, screw first through the top of the first white thing and then spring after. Not very technical but I didn't take any pictures unfortunately! I've managed to create another issue all together since I fixed it with a print core temp error message but thats for another thread! Thanks again
  10. Hi, I am having an issue with this error message on the Ultimaker 3+. It is in both printcores at alternative times. I have had a look at this https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/51185-printcore-taking-too-long-to-warm-up and i'm pretty sure that the temperature in the room is ok and the silicone covers seem to be in the correct position. I have dumped the files onto my USB but i dont know what to do with them after that haha. Has any one encountered this before? It has only started happening since I dismantled the Printhead and put it back together again as the spring in the right hand side had fallen. Never-ending problems at the moment!! Any help or advice would be apprecitated.
  11. Hi Everyone, thanks for all your help and advice, thanks also for your offer Shadowman. I finally got around to trying it out today and I have the spring back were it should be..yay! But now im left with another issue. I found this thread which describes what is happening now https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/19408-um-3-head-assembly/ So now the metal part is coming down too far, into the print core so I can't take it in or out and it won't work as it should. I have tried to follow the pictures in this thread but I'm at a complete loss now as to what ive done wrong!! Any tips or advice would be appreciated!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions! Not overly confident in my ability to pull the printers apart but i'll give it ago!
  13. Hi, On the BB side of my printer there is a spring that has fallen through the hole from were the PVA is extruded. It is causing issues when trying to get the print core in and also when the filament is coming down it is getting stuck on it. Is it possible/easy to get this spring back to were it should be?! Would anyone have had a similar experience and maybe instructions on how to do so? Thank you
  14. Hi Everyone, I had a similar query about a week or two ago and received some great tips which I tried but the problem still remains. My issue is that when trying to feed the PVA, it will feed all the way down the tube but then stops before it reaches the print core and starts grinding, not able to move any further. The spool spool is loose and I have been there each time to check if it is getting stuck on anything. The issue started with the PVA getting jammed in the feeder completely and me having to take the feeder apart to get it out. I was given the advice that the PVA might have had too much moisture so I dried it and it wouldnt feed through after this so then I tried a new roll of PVA and I am getting the same issue. Any advice would be appreciated! I have tried to clean the nozzle and make sure that it is not blocked and have ordered a new print core in case this is the issue but the PVA doesnt seem to be even getting that far for this to be the problem. I feel like it is getting jammed in the feeder itself. Thank you!
  15. So I tried drying the PVA today and the same thing happened when I tried to use it a couple of hours later. Thinking it was just that PVC I tried a brand new one and its doing the same thing. It will feed it in to a certain point and then it stops and starts getting stuck, chipping the PVC and not going anywhere! I'm at a loss now.
  16. How do you both store it if you dont mind me asking? Do you take it off at the end of each job and put it away? Store in a plastic container/bag with dessicant? Thanks for the replies so far.
  17. Great, thanks for your help. I will try it on the build plate today.
  18. Yes sorry,PVA! ? Ok thats great to know thank you for your reply! I will try baking it. Any idea for how long for?
  19. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any advice on this issue? The PVC filament is getting jammed in the feeder, it curls around the wheel and I have had to take the feeder apart to get it out. When it first happened I made sure the nozzle wasn't blocked and cleaned it. I have also un-loaded it and re-loaded it a couple of times. It only happens when a job is running. It will feed fine when i re-load it each time. Thanks!
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