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  1. 1) clic add printer 2) Go under the Ultimaker printers, try to find a close printer 4) test, adapt.... 5) or chose custom and adapt...
  2. Une solution: prendre l'imprimante "Ultimaker 2+" dans la liste.
  3. I import material from v4.3 and now when I reload app I have only one choice "Reset configuration"!!! stay zen! I remove all files from .local/share/cura/4.6/materials and .local/share/cura/4.6/extruders and I go back to previous configuration : no material! stay zen!
  4. Hi, I have an Ultimaker 2 with an Olsson block. I'm trying again to run cura 4.6.1 as well as cura 4.3 in my linux mint 19.3 PC. 🙂 I download the Ultimaker_Cura-4.6.1.AppImage and chose to add "Ultimaker 2 with Olsson Block" printer. Then no generic materials! and impossible to create new materials! all fields are greyed out! I can't import material from 4.3 version cura461 crashing... Then I test with 'Ultimaker 2' printer. I have materials and a can create new material... Can you help me, it's very handy to have prerecorded material.
  5. I've conducted several tests: Test 1 1) clean ~/.config/cura and /.local/share/cura 2) start 4.5.0.appimage 3) select the "Ultimaker 2" printer G-code flavor : ultimaker 2 -> No generic materials G-code flavor : repeater or marlin -> generic materials ok Test 2 1) clean ~/.config/cura and /.local/share/cura 2) start 4.5.0.appimage 3) choose the "UM2 printer with Olsson Block" printer G-code flavor : "Ultimaker 2" or repeater or marlin -> No generic materials In both tests the generic materials are installed It works correctly in 4.3.0 version. Cloud you help please!
  6. It makes no difference.
  7. Almost solved by adding "UM2 with Olsson block" printer and not a simple "UM2" printer. I now have the possibility to choose the diameter of the nozzle. But no more generic material when I choose this printer. the list is empty. and for the UM2 too... What's going on?
  8. Hello, I work without problems with cura 4.3.0 appimage in Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon kernel Linux 4.15.0-88 with an Ultimaker 2 printer with an Olsson block. Cura 4.4.0, 4.4.1 and 4.5.0 appimage have always crashed at boot time since their release. I hadn't had time to go deeper. Today I decided to run version 4.5.0 and reset all Cura configurations (mv ~/.config/cura ~/.config/cura.old and mv ~/.local/share/cura ~/.local/share/cura.old) on my PC. I have started cura 4.5.0 appimage without any problems I have reinstalled all the plug-ins I use . My problem is that I can't tell cura 4.5.0 that the printer has an Ollson block... in Preferences/Configure Cura/Printer no Select upgrades button No " "Advanced” settings tab" as described here https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/18022-setting-up-cura Thank you for your help.
  9. Thank you for all your answers! You're right, when I remove coasting the material deficiencies no longer appear in cura. it's a misleading representation of cura. When I display the displacements (coasting on), these gaps are represented as displacements. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I am printing a small part. in linux cura 3.4.1 (nozzle 0.25mm), as you can see in the screenshot of cura at top and in the brim (lower left), parts of the part are missing. Do you have any ideas? Regards. UM2_version-simple-pb.3mf
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