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  1. i'm trying to add line numbers to my G codes. in hope that i will be able to use GOTO N###. when i have a power outage. I want to be able to restart a print at the line number and continue printing the failed print
  2. Tomnagel I dont have a 2" dial gage. but when i moved a half an inch i got an error of .150 thanks for trying to help but it turns out that after calibrating with my dial gage did not work. 3d printers are not CNC machines. the moves are to rapid. and the printer has no why of knowing its true position. it has to guess by how many steps it takes. so after calibrating with a dial gage i was able to enter a G01 move command and was able to get a repet position every time but when running the printer the round part came out oval. so setting your stepper part by measuring your print is the best way of calibrating your printer
  3. I need to make a correction my Y axis is not 17.78 mm off it is 1.77 mm off My Bad
  4. Tomnagel what i mean is when i placed a 1" Dial gage against the extruder and enter a command to move 25.4mm in the y axis the extruder only moved .700 inches/17.78mm My ultimaker is not modified as far as i know i bought it used on E-bay. Front to back? I am a CNC programer, set up, operator. I run 2 half million dollar 7 axis CNC lathes. we don't use terms like front to back. LOL we talk in polar coordinate . and yes my machine is well maintained. Does the error scale I dont know i only make artistic model, like a life size storm breaker. you know Thor's new weapon. but I like my machines to be accurate.
  5. WOW gr5 thank you very much. I will try this after work today. I like the fact that i can save theses setting with an M500 code. I knew I could adjust the steepers in the EEPROM setting in Repetier but i didn't know if they would be saved to my printer Firmware.I'm guessing you use Repetier host. Do you like it? Me I'm a CNC machinist and i like to know what my machines are doing. Thanks again mark
  6. i am trying to find the same answers for my ultimaker 2 extended. I know my steppers are off because i brought my magnetic base and 1" dial gage i positioned it on the extruder. and by using the manual jog mode in Repetier host i move in each axis 25.4 MM. the x axis and the z axis were only slightly off and not worth bothering with, because i only do artistic models. but the y axis is over 7.62MM off if any one could please tell me how to access the stepper motor setting " in plain english" i would appreciate it
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