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  1. What are the causes for stripping? I only know about retraction, clogging, and being too close to the bed... but, I leveled the bed each go, turned off retraction, and checked to make sure the filament flowed properly before the print. Is there something else I'm missing..? The printer slowly starts making clicking noises and flat out stops extruding during the raft and there isn't any retraction or travel during the very first layer so I'm completely at a loss now!
  2. I have a model I'm trying to print that I made but it keeps stripping the filament each time I try printing it. I can only assume it's that it has multiple retractions in quick successions at some point in the print or that I made the model really thin. I tried turning down the retraction settings speed but I don't know how adversely it's going to affect my model if I lower below 10mm/s or just outright disable it. I'm using Ultimaker Cura and a Anet V2.0 printer. I've included the Gcode file and the project file I have it helps. CFDMP_MaskBaseFix.gcode CFDMP_MaskBaseFix.curaproject.3mf
  3. I'm using the obj file when I put it into CURA. What do you mean by convert from? I just got these files from the download.
  4. I got the model from here. https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/elven-shield-3d-3ds/791629
  5. I understand that this has something to do with the model itself as large parts and layers are missing but show if I enable the disconnected options, but that's a problem for the sturdiness of the print. The missing parts aren't connected by a small gap and I need to know if there's a way to fix it or just remove the entire design on the front.
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