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  1. I tried printing over USB and the same issue occurs. I’m thinking of replacing the main board but looks like an expensive fix. Anyone have any last minute suggestions before I purchase the replacement?
  2. @ahoeben I can't tell if it always occurs at the same interval. The cause has not been one particular gcode file. This occurs on any and every gcode file on this machine. Roughly 5 to 10 minutes into any print motors go into maximum overdrive w/ high pitch squealing, smashing into one or more limits for roughly 15 seconds or so, then resumes printing normally but shifted over a bit from its original orientation. I'm running the latest stable Ultimaker Cura on macOS (10.13.6) and always properly eject my SD cards. I checked the connections from front control board to th
  3. Thanks for your responses. @ahoeben I print from an SD and have this issue with any SD I use. I’ll try cleaning out the card slot, checking all the wires and connections from the control board to the mainboard and will check in after.
  4. This is new behavior that started after many years of perfect prints. My Ultimaker 2+ will start off printing great. About 5 to 10 minutes into a print it will drastically speed up and smash into every limit switch... It feels as if every so often a corrupt gCode packet is sent. I've tried factory resets from the printer. I've tried firmware updates. I've tried many different types of models exported from different software and CURA settings both easy-default and custom. This behavior occurs at different intervals but on every print attempt now. I quickly abort once it occurs to avoid self des
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