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  1. I have got a pretty decent print by changing the place where nozzle begins the outer layer. Problem isn't solved but it's less obvious. The setting is something like Hide Seams, I honestly think that this setting has an internal mistake as when I set "Hide" it places the seam anywhere and when I set "Expose" it place the seam in a corner, where bumps are more difficult to detect. This behaviour is the opposite of the one that is described in the help.
  2. I'm using PVC glue too, the one that is used for piping. It's 2$ and the adhesion is very strong and more flexible than cyano I think. The only problem is that it takes some hours to be ready to use so you need to hold both part in position for some time, which could a pain for small parts
  3. I would say the same as DF-Werkzeugservice, maybe you made a typo when you typed the diameter of the filament in settings
  4. Could you save a project with the same settings and upload it? I mean not only the gcode, the whole project (xxx.curaproject.3mf) What printer are you using?
  5. I have printed another attempt without retractions and the result looks as previous one...
  6. Hi Gr5, I have tried both in the same printing (Tune>Speed>50%&outer wall wipe distance=0) and the result isn't good. I thing outer wall wipe distance affects at the end of the outer line but in my case the problem happens on the begening of the outer wall and the nozzles drags the over extruded material so now I think the problem is over extrusion as you said. I'm attaching the project, I thing the artifacts take place on the layer 18,20,26 on the right side of the benchy and 14,15,16,17,19,21,23,24 on the other side Test_6_Outer_wall_Wipe_0.curaproject.3mf
  7. I printed it alone and without prime tower. Could you tell what version are you using? Are you using a CR 10 as well?
  8. I have seen in CURA that the position of the bumps matches the beginning of the outer wall line. I'll upload the CURA project when I get home.
  9. Hi guys,I have recently got Creality CR 10S and my models are having some problems I don't know how to solve. They have some little bumps on the surface and in the slicer I can see they all are likely on the beginning of the layer or on the end of a travel movement. Halving the speed and acceleration of travels and the acceleration of walls some improvement can be seen but I can't get a perfect result. Y have tried to tense the belts but it didn't work. Does someone have any advice for me?
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