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  1. Hallo, Ik heb 1 maand geleden een nieuwe ultimaker 2+ gekocht. Ik ben erg tevreden. Maar nou ik m net startte met printen en hij begon op te warmen, 'bevroor' het systeem. De printer had het bed verwarmt maar, na een hele tijd ging hij niet verder de nozzle opwarmen. Er stond prepairing to heat up.. en ik dacht ik annuleer m maar. De knop abort kon ik niet indrukken. Het systeem was zoals ik het noem bevroren. Ik heb de printer aan de achterkant uitgezet en later weer aan. Alles deed het gelukkig nog. Pff..nou maar weet iemand wat er nou aan de hand was? Ik hoor het graag. Groet Raimon
  2. Hello, I wonder if anyone knows where to buy Ultimaker filament (PLA) without nfc-chip. I own an Ultimaker 2+ and, the printer doesn't have a fancy nfc-chip reader. So i think i can pay 10 euro less per spool if not more and, that's alot cause i use a lot of spools in a year. Thanks for your help! Greet Raimon
  3. Ja bedankt voor de tip, maar nee helaas. Alleen met nfc chip. ?
  4. I like everything that has to do with 3D printing, so it doesn't matter to me. Thanks for the pics of overhang support helpers.
  5. Well i hope you can still slice the models again and put m on the stick (after your feeling betta; otherwise you will make mistakes(human)) ?
  6. Did you safely removed the usb? If your using one ?
  7. Ja ik wil voor nu wel even Ultimaker filament aanhouden. En ben dus bereid iets meer te betalen. Maar om 10 a 15 euro meer te betalen voor iets wat ik niet kan gebruiken (extra nfc chip) is onzin. Bedankt voor je reactie Marrut!
  8. Hello, I posted this topic because, the given solution to the problem of my print in the picture was too diffucult to understand for me. Something about tuning pids and g-code (my english isn't the best). So i had this idea of posting it on this forum. And i found out that there is a easier explanation. This to solve the problem if there was one in the first place; because this testprint isn't real printing-life. So i want to thank all of you for your answers. They were more than welcome and, i definitely learn something. Greet Raimon
  9. Hallo beste lezer, Ik ben al een tijdje op zoek naar Ultimaker PLA zonder nfc chip. Het scheelt al gauw tien euro per rol en, aangezien ik er in een jaar heel wat gebruik kan dit aardig oplopen. Bovendien heb ik een Ultimaker 2+ en, die heeft geen nfc lezer. Ik kom op verschillende sites terecht en kom alleen maar rollen tegen met nfc chip. Ik heb laatst bij Coolblue een rol PLA besteld en deze had een nfc chip. Toen dacht ik als ik zonder kan kopen scheelt het me vast wat centen. Ik hoop dat ze nog gemaakt worden. Kan iemand me meer vertellen?
  10. Hello cloakfiend! Yes i totally agree with you that the way testprints are designed, you won't find that kind of stuff in daily 3D models. I have filed your tips in my computer (on my desktop); i can easily acces them this way. Greet Raimon.
  11. Heej, Thank you very much for this information. It is very helpfull. Greet Raimon
  12. Hello cloakfiend, What printer/filament brand are u using? Greet Raimon Elctrncs
  13. Hello Smithy, I want to thank you for your fast reply. Great! The tips i get were in this guide he made himself: https://3dnation504795197.wordpress.com/guide/#pidautotune I'm just a simple man who can't (and won't) change g-code, because i don't know what i'm doing in that way. My fan speed is at 100%. And i'm printing with Ultimaker material at 210 degree Celcius. Don't get me wrong, actualy i'm pretty happy with the result i have with this test. I was just wondering if there was a way to fix the bottom overhang at 80 degree (as shown in the picture). But the answer i got was to complicated for me. So.. . printing lower than 210 degree using PLA is a good tip. Using my old printer i printed PLA at 200 degree celcius. So i wil try that out. Thanks Greet Raimon
  14. Hello! As you can see in my picture(s) i have bad overhang at the bottom of my prints. If i would design a model, where you wouldn 't even notice it was there, there would be no problem. But.. . what if the disign requires to look good at both sides of the print. I have had contact with the designer of this model and, he gave me some tips about tuning my pids. But i don't think i can do that. Can anyone help me please? Greet Raimon
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