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  1. Just a thought Any chance the typical thin protective film is still covering the lens or perhaps it’s dirty from the initial assembly? Takes care, Shadowman
  2. “mrtinfy” was simply doing as able to help by conveying that which he was told. I have no comment as associated with this seemingly protracted issue for the a Ultimaker development team but rather a thank you to “mrtinfy” for trying. Takes care, Shadowman
  3. Thank you. I will do a full reset of the network and another Cura Connect reset and see how this does. Takes care
  4. Well; experiencing camera offline now too. Resetting Cura Connect did not work; any other suggestions. Thank you
  5. Watching .... and waiting.until a proven resolution.
  6. Sitting firm here too as the confidence level remains hopeful but cautious.
  7. I am watching this thread closely as it’s been nearly 2 months. Please let us know if the WiFi is resolved as we are in the same position; unable to run LAN to the printer. For now I am not loading the “hotfix” as my reseller referred to it this morning.
  8. Well stated and your position mirrors mine and that of many many others. It is going on “2” months; a timeline that by any standard is ridiculous. How the Ultimaker Team can remain so cavalier in their “we are working on it” attitude is dumbfounding. The situation has caused much loss of productivity which for a business user equals loss of profits and for the the casual user the loss of their ability to simply use their printer. I have made my position very clear and yet to be very clear; my position is that of myself and many others including associates that also own these printers but are reluctant to engage in this conversation because they are so upset. The US resellers have no answers and I know of 2 people that have purchased a different brand printer simply because they could no longer wait. I truly wish that more people would convey as you have. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Takes care
  9. Moderator comment: Removed due to being off topic. User has been notified.
  10. Mr. Pietroeski I read your letter twice and as you stated at the end, “I could end up in a book”; let me be very clear about a few things beginning with the most significant. If I “did not” care “nor” feel that the Ultimaker product has the makings of a quality product then I would not spend my time conveying my thoughts, as well as the thoughts of those shared with me by others. I too could write a book and as long as my musings are some could consider that I am doing so; one page at a time. The Ultimaker Team; yes the team, need to take the situation seriously and openly and genuinely convey that they do to those that are being affected and expected to tolerate the situation; anything less brings doubt to the validity of their commitment to those that support their product line. This includes but is not limited to; the end users, the distributors, the media, etc.. You reference that sharing as shared in a public forum may not be appropriate that it should be fine privately. At the onset I may have agreed with you however, with the issues and time that has passed I think that publicly sharing maybe the only way to truly get Ultimaker’s attention. The typical pathway ie, distributors, Ultimaker USA, and this forum do not work; distributors make clear that they too remain in the dark, Ultimaker USA share that they too are waiting for answers often followed by; have you asked on the forum. Speaking of this forum, this is the communication vessel that Ultimaker put into place not some random forum and the vessel that all parties associated with the marketing of the Ultimaker product refer to. Hence one of my earlier comments; the Ultimaker Team is very aware but not properly engaging. As with many others; I did not agree to purchase a project under development but rather a fully developed ready to use business class 3D printer for my business. I am not an investor, not a beta tester, and not a hobbiest; I have no skin in the Ultimaker program except for the fact that I believed in hence invested in a Ultimaker tool for my trade; a tool that albeit paid for does not operate as promised nor was it presented as promised; these facts along based on your letter should be very easy to understand. Yes, I remain truly appreciative of those that do engage even though they often don’t have the answers and yes; I too feel bad for those within the Ultimaker Team that care and try but are being held back by policies within Ultimaker. The bottom line; the Ultimaker Team need to engage and be part of the process that they expect all to endure and not remain in the shadows. Thank you for your comments as shared.
  11. Smithy IMO you always bring great information, assistance, and insight to the forum. Your comments are well received. I too agree that at the very least one’s distributor needs to be made aware so that Ultimaker’s ridiculous comment about only 0.1% affected hence no compelling reason to react quickly does not remain. The next step is hold the distributors accountable and responsible because they are the point of sale hence responsible for solicitations and promises that they present on behalf of Ultimaker. Sadly it appears that Ultimaker uses their distributors as a shield of rather than a portal to their customers. In fact, as I write those words; it is based on the actions that I have evidenced and the numerous conversations that I have had with Ultimaker distributors; I don’t think the Ultimaker Team see the end user as their customers but rather they see their distributors as their customers. For example; the distributors sold the S5’s with delayed shipment of the aluminum build plates; where are they? After many months Ultimaker said they were “never” truly ready to be sold as they were “never” a fully developed and tested product. This after they had been marketing the S5 with the aluminum build plate as a significant, unique, fully developed, and thoroughly tested for a couple years product. They even told the world through many venues how spectacular it was and when asked why they were not included in the box with the printer they quickly said; the demand exceeded our supply and it will take a month or two to have them machined, hard anodized, and shipped out. Whether it means anything to you or not does not negate these facts nor does it negate that a premium was paid for the S5 with the aluminum build plate being a portion of the offset value; justification thereof. The marketing by the Ultimaker Team of the S5 as a fully developed, ready for any business, as a plug and play 3D printer was shrouded within marketing smoke and mirrors (akin to PT Barnum days) and ultimately it became clear that everyone; the media, the distributors, the potential customers, and the customers were lied to; blunt words; absolutely and yet; this is truth. Well; we all stroked our checks to the distributor hence they should be banging on Ultimaker’s door because the product was paid for and yet not delivered. FWIW; Ultimaker can’t legally simply say; “to bad”. On all levels that is a pompous, arrogant, self-serving comment that sheds light on how the Ultimaker Team truly values it’s end user. Having shared this Smithy; IMO Ultimaker is “very” aware of what’s going on and discretely monitors this forum through folks such as SandervG very closely and have adopted the internal policy of not engaging directly nor allowing him to because in doing so their level of responsibility and questionable post sale and service business practices would grow exponentially. I am very disappointed as numerous others have conveyed similar feelings. I bought into Ultimaker’s dream as presented and yet am feeling like I was sold a bill of good. I recall two distributors sharing that they saw Ultimaker as the Apple of the 3D printing industry; meaning that they were setting the bar that others would have to follow but sadly I am evidencing just the opposite; at this moment I am seeing Ultimaker’s business practices being an example of what others should never follow. Today Ultimaker feels just like another 3D printer company only to happy to cash your check. If something does not change immediately then I dare say that nothing will change within Ultimaker. All the best Smithy
  12. “Hopefully” An interesting word to use.
  13. Hi Smithy I respectfully disagree. The Ultimaker Team and the distributors direct their customers to this forum as owned and operated by Ultimaker for both assistance and support. In fact; this forum is included as one of Ultimaker’s support tools as included with the pre and post sale marketing of their products. As such; one should comfortably be able to open a dialog and “expect” a timely reply. Your encouraging the issue be presented to the distributor is novel at best because first hand I can share that the distributors are being left in the dark too. Takes care.
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