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  1. Cool... will try it. Thank you
  2. And.... the quicker way is ? Take care
  3. Shadowman

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    Good day I appreciate the information and the means to do so. Furthermore, I understand the teams reluctance to make non-critical incremental changes but rather incorporate it within a fully tested release. For this moment I will await the tested firmware expected in February. Takes care and thank you.
  4. Shadowman

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    How about the ability to turn the lights off too. This was promised with the last firmware. Thank you
  5. Shadowman

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    I too would purchase the S5 again even with the issues and disappointments as shared in previous posts as I expect them to be resolved soon. It has a great build volume which offers great flexibility other than simply large prints, it prints a consistent quality piece, and the filament sensor has saved me several times; I have never run out of filament but rather had the filament bind on the spool. The improved leveling system also does a great job. Add to all of this, with a consistent quality print being at the top of my list which the S5 produces; the S5 has numerous improvements such as the glass doors, stepper motors, filament feeder, the touch screen, as well as the potential for future upgrades; so if space is not a concern, then I highly encourage the purchase of the S5 as the net cost difference is modest. Takes care
  6. Shadowman

    Some questions about the S5

    I can’t speak to the g-code question however; the AA and BB cores externally appear the same with the differences within. The BB Core being uniquely designed for PVA. With regards to a Print Core holder; I personally have not found a need for one but suspect that there is one out there and if not, it would be a relatively easy item to design. Takes care.
  7. Shadowman

    PVA Question

    Your filament holder and feeder setup is very nice. Thank you for sharing it.
  8. Your points are well made and your clarifications appreciated. Thank you
  9. I appreciate you sharing your feeling as mine are similar, if not the same as has been my experience when I ask about it. I was surprised that “Brulti” finds my posts offensive and to some degree Spam. My posts are fact based and not argumentative; in fact if anything; cordial while making clear my position. Like everyone that purchased the S5 the aluminum plate was a heavily solicited part of this printer and it remains troubling that other than SandervG sharing that there are issues, no one from Ultimaker has reached out to me. There has been no apology for any inconvenience, no what can we do to help, no offer of a stop gap measure but rather, “silence”. I have called the distributor and the Ultimaker support line only to be told; “we don’t know what’s going on. So I share with “Brulti” and any one else that feels my relentless efforts are wrong and unnecessary either you work for Ultimaker or don’t have an S5 because my having invested nearly $10K USD in the S5 with materials and spare parts; I find this situation “unacceptable”. Takes care
  10. Shadowman

    PVA Question

    I appreciate this being shared because as I shared above; it happens to me as the PVA gets towards the of the roll. Thank you
  11. SandervG I do understand “busy” and had not noticed whether you were active or not. With regards to the ???; to be frank I had nothing more to add to my feelings and those of others that I have communicated with but rather I did not want to see the thread fall to the bottom and then off the page. To be clear; my comments were posted on November 2 which was 2 weeks ago. As for Ultimaker’s present position as vaguely present by you; it is wrong and frankly improper. Let me convey a single fact; the S5 was sold as a fully developed printer with features that made it unique in the Ultimaker line of printers several of which created the justification aka value that was consistent with the significant price. Let’s use the unused port at the rear of the S5 as a comparative example; this was incorporated by Ultimaker for “possible” future feature updates with “no” assurances however, the aluminum build plate was included component of the S5; in fact the marketing blurbs state “included” with and yet at the time of or shortly after the purchase we were told that they would ship separately. There were no ifs, maybes, we are trying, nor ... we darn well hope we can develop it and if so we will ship you one. Having shared this my position remains the same; Ultimaker taking 2 weeks to reply to my query was beyond excessive and the response as conveyed by you on behalf of the Ultimaker team is frankly; unacceptable. SandervG, I mean not to frustrate you nor show you anything but respect as I can only imagine that the position you are placed in is awkward and without empowerment as such I “thank you” while also making clear that the powers to be within Ultimaker need to present “facts” and offer an intern arrangement instead of proverbial “smoke and mirrors”. Takes care
  12. I strongly disagree...... My poking (as you defined my action) them has nothing to do with their on going development and testing but rather....... SandervG shared that there is ongoing development of the aluminum build plate with promising results however, when the S5 was sold/purchased all of us were told that it was a fully developed product with only the ramping up of production being the reason that they were not shipped with the printer. These are two different stories; positions, as such a stop gap measure needs to be presented by Ultimaker. Those of us that purchased the S5 did so with a very clear understanding that it was ready for prime time. You make it seem as though I should simply wait and hope that someday, maybe, the aluminum build plate will be developed and appear; unacceptable. As such, I offer no apology for my cordial and yet relentless action as I am justified in expecting an answer. Takes care.
  13. Shadowman

    Ultimaker s5 rebooting when on network

    You are welcome and “thank you” for the update. Very nice. Takes care
  14. I remain confident that this thread is being viewed and yet still; not responded to by the Ultimaker team. Interesting

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