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  1. The situation: I have an STL that I use as a heat tower. I have used the "Change at height" script to alter the nozzle temperature progressively throughout the print, and saved it both as GCODE and as a 3MF project file. This script is persistent the next time I open Cura, when it is not necessarily appropriate, and I have to delete it manually for the next job. If I then load the Heat Tower 3MF project file, Cura loads all the print parameters I had set for it, but doesn't load the temperature changing script. If I want to reenable that, I have to recreate it from scratch. Is there any way I can save a script so that I don't have to rebuild it every time I want to use it? Or better yet, can I save a project file with the script intact so that it loads with the project?
  2. I use Cura as my primary slicer. (I have Slic3r as well, but haven't used it much.) A feature I'm looking for is a brim that stops a fraction of a millimetre before the first layer of the model — basically, a super-skirt. I want something that will provide bed adhesion for supports, but won't interfere with edge detail on the first layers of the model itself. Is such a thing possible? Is there an option I've missed, or maybe a plug-in that does this?
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