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  1. Thanks alot GR. I have some colleagues with the same printer. I will try their brick and check if it works. If problem is solved, will post it. Friendly regards Bert
  2. When the printer UM2+ starts heating up the printbed OR printhead it shuts down and restarts. Power supply is the Meanwell GST220A24-R7B (9.2A, 221W max (see pic added) Next thing i tried: raise temp for only the bed manually in the advanced menu it shuts down. raise temp for only the nozzle manally in advanced menu it shuts down also. When i raise the temperature by 2°C, wait utill it get this +2°C, raise it again in steps of 2°C it doen't shut down. Also when it shuts down i hear a click in that small white box (relais?) Would a nex power supply help? Or ? Regards
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