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  1. Thought originally it was due to X/Y location out of bounds, but appears to be another issue. Still researching the cause...
  2. I'm piecing together gcode file portions to change the way a part is printed, and I wrote a program to offset coordinates in a portion of code. I had an error which produced x/y coordinates well beyond what the printer would handle. Opening it with 3.5.0 caused a "cura.exe has stopped working" error. Opening with 3.4.2 worked, and showed which layers contained the error, which is helpful. To duplicate it, change an x or y location to something like X9190000 in a G command.
  3. For anyone else having the same problem, I solved it in Sketchup by having the piece selected (which it should be anyway when making the group), checking the "Export only current selection" box in the STL export dialog. I never did that before, and never had any problem until yesterday -- but that took care of the problem.
  4. Hmmm. I just thought to look for an online STL file viewer, and that showed the bottom plane as well. It seems my Skype STL export extension is the problem. When I started Skype yesterday it told me there were extension updates, and that must have broken it. Thanks anyway. ?
  5. Beginning yesterday, when I import a file into Cura 3.4.1, a large plane is being shown underneath the drawing, causing the drawing to be too large for the printer. I tried raising the piece up from the bottom surface of Sketchup (17.2.2555) but it didn't help. I removed a line in the drawing so that the bottom surface was erased, and then redrew it. That worked & allowed a normal import into Cura. However, I made a modification to the drawing today, & I'm unable to prevent that bottom plane from appearing. I attached pics of the drawing in Skype (showing it raised above the bottom s
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