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  1. If this helps, not bes lt solution but i managed to fix it by reinstalling Windows :s
  2. YEs, this worked, thank you (didnt had to do this before to make it work thos), This highlighter another issue, i know you had to arrange models to make them print in order what you like, but no matter what i do, they always print from bottom left to upper right.. :(.
  3. As title says, i want to print multiple copies of one object (yes, i keep in mind to not put them too close to each other) but when i try i get "Unable to Slice" Error, All at Once works though. I tried reinstalling and using Cura default printing profiles but nothing works. Please help, thank you in advance.
  4. Im using clean gcode from fresh Cura installation, no custom codes.
  5. Please help cause im running out of options :(. Since few weeks, no matter what kind of printing speed settings i set in cura 3D, it always prints with same speed (1st layer, walls, supports, etc.) even if i set 10mm/sec it still goes around 60mm/sec. I tried reinstalling Cura 3D and deleting my presets and used stock ones and other computer. Everything works fine with other slicers tho. Please help, thank you in advance.
  6. well restarting was obvious, and i got anet a8
  7. Hello, i got issue with my Cura3D, no matter what kind of speed of printing settings i set, my printer always prints with around 100mm/s, even if i set like 10mm/s, speed is always the same. I have thiss issue since I cut a .stl model by half in other slicer and then imported to Cura, since then, even with "clean" .stl files, im stuck with one speed. Please help, thank you in advance.
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