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  1. Hello, I am getting path lines in the finish layer which I would like to avoid. Majority of the layer is built using symmetrical pattern but there are movements that end up cutting across and leaving lines that now I have to figure out how to 'blend out'. Is there a setting in the Cura that would enforce behavior that would eliminate this from happening? I am using Ultimaker S5, Cura 4.4.1 and Ultimaker Tough PLA filament Thank you for your help.
  2. thank you all for your help. I restarted printer. Interestingly after that I was unable to immediately go to the settings/maintenance and access firmware update. I was busy with some other stuff and a bit later when I came back to it printer suggested I update firmware. I opted not to, navigated to the maintenance screen and chose to update firmware that way. It worked..... Not sure what to make of it other than problem solved, moving onto bigger/better things. thanks again.
  3. Hi, Firmware update message came up on my S5. It has been updating since yesterday. I have a feeling something went wrong. printer is on network which is working fine. Can I restart printer? Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks
  4. its set up as network printer. I am nor sure what to do.
  5. Im using Cura 3.5.0 and S5 printer. I edited material properties to add pricing information, changed machine setting to reprap, still can't get $ to show up. what am I doing wrong?
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