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  1. Hi @modernonline and @tkamsker it has been a while since I was working on this and I cannot check that code anymore as I am not working on this site anymore. As far as I remember, some things (maybe also the GUID of the material etc.) can be set in the configuration/definition files. I remember that I had to do some deep digging there to get this running for my use case, as all the files inherit from each other and some things have to be set in the root definition files and work only there. @modernonline I think your proposed solution was exactly what I did back t
  2. @lbottan thanks for your post! I can not test this as I'm not working at this site anymore, but as far as I remember there was a "-" and blank spaces in the SSID. Therefore your solution might very well apply to my problem as well...
  3. Is the print time used for any other purpose than visualization and processing of used material? If not it could be just inserted afterwards with some random value...
  4. I tried it with multiple browser, including IE with the same result....
  5. Okay, I did a bit of testing and found out, that the issue is that the print time and both extruder trains have to be included. The Cura GUI includes As soon as i insert these line into the header of the gcode created by CuraEngine the S5 accepts the file. So this raises two questions: How do I set BOTH Extruder Trains in CuraEngine (I don't really understand which setting has to be set in which xxx.def.json to configure it properly) How do I include the print time in CuraEngine? Thanks for any help in advance!
  6. @nallath I just tried it, but the S5 stillt says "Something is wrong with this file". I'll attach the new gcode with set extruder name... Any other ideas what the issue could be? output_new.gcode
  7. Hello guys, I'm working on a project where we want to do automated slicing via command line with an Ultimaker S5. As we are using an Ultimaker we decided to use CuraEngine for slicing. I managed to get some basic slicing running, using the ultimaker_s5.def.json configuration file as well as the s5 extruder definitions. When I try to print the created gcode (a simple calibration cube in this case), the S5 greys out the file and displays "Something is wrong with this file". -> I will attach the not woking gcode (output.gcode) to this post, as well as the
  8. @Smithy & @Shadowman: Thanks for tuning in here. I can reassure you that the SSID is not hidden for "security" reasons. We decided to hide it, because we have a lot of customers coming in here and we want to have as little of our infrastructure visible on first glance as possible. Therefore broadcasting the SSID to get the printer in is not an option (if this would help at all). Still searching for a solution, can't believe that a printer in this price range has problems with basic stuff like this.
  9. Thanks for your contribution @Dim3nsioneer, there is no MAC filter active on that WiFi.
  10. @SandervG the issue is still not fixed. Any further suggestions?
  11. @SandervG as the network SSID is hidden it's the only way I can do it. Do you still need a photo of the selection list?
  12. @SandervG thanks for looking into this. I checked this and the particular SSID sends on 2.4 as well as on 5 GHz. It requires WPA2 authentification.
  13. Hey @SandervG thanks for your reply. Log files can be seen here: https://we.tl/t-po3qz0g3Ju
  14. Hi guys, I hope somebody can help with this really annoying problem. We're trying to hook up the UMS5 to our companys WiFi. When we follow the WiFi Setup instructions (connect to hotspot, insert country and name, enter network information of hidden network), the browser setup screen on the browser end up saying "setup complete, wait for UM to connect to WiFi network" but the UM never succeds to connect. The setup screen stays at the "connect to your Ultimakers hotspot and follow the instructions in your browser"- screen. Never moves forward from there.
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