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  1. No worries. Sorry too if I did! Thanks for looking into it. Simon
  2. Perhaps you could just ask me. ? Deleted files attached. Simon OldAppData.zip
  3. It does also happen saving to the main SSD on my machine. However I have fixed the problem without knowing exactly what caused it. I uninstalled both 3.4.1 and 3.5 again and then hunted around the disc for anything still remaining. There were 'cura' folders under my AppData/Local and AppData/Roaming folders. I deleted both of these and then reinstalled 3.5. Now the save is instantaneous. I am trying to think what parameters I might have been adjusting at the time and I have an inkling it might have been the experimental Enable Bridge Settings parameters. Hope this helps someone anyway! Simon
  4. I have been using Cura 3.4.1 and since yesterday 3.5 for a few days now. While still using 3.4.1, saving the gcode has become incredibly slow. In a typical model, I hit Prepare and the slicer executes in less than 10s. Then, when I hit Save to Removable Drive it takes 5 minutes or more, during which time Cura is unresponsive. Before yesterday, Saves were not a significant delay (a few seconds): I am not sure if some parameter I have changed could lead to this but I assume that in the Save process, all it is doing is writing data it has already sliced. I have tried reinstalling Cura but no change. Any pointers as to what could have happened gratefully received. Simon
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