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  1. Goodday CarloK, Thank you for your reply, I allready checked the drivers when I saw the log, only did the windows "check for update" and it said that I allready had the last drivers. I clicked on the link in your reply and dl and installed the appropiate file..........it works now!! Thank your very much, back to slicing and printing!
  2. Cura untill 2.5 installs and starts (but only once) I can slice with no problems, print 7 files with Ender 3. But every time I cluse Cura I need to reinstall to open it. Cura above 2.5 will install but will not open. windows shows the bussy symbol for 5 seconds and nothing happens. My system: Acer Laptop with Windows 7 Home premium SP1 64bit Intel Core i7 Q 740 @1.73Ghz 16 Gb RAM ATI MoObility Radeon HD5850 Cura Log File from Roaming: Fatal Python error: Segmentation fault Current thread 0x000015f8 (most recent call first): File "X:\3.5\bu
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