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  1. I dont have a PC.... just the mac. We were trying to do the buildplate leveling/calibration when it goes to that corner and doesnt stop. This is a new development as the first time we calibrated it homed correctly (front left). Then we had to adjust the Z stop because we were having extruder issues (prints were coming out stringy). After we adjusted the nozzle we tried to recalibrate and the nozzle homing onto the build plate clips - and then did the thing where it seemed to home in the back right corner and ignore the limit.
  2. We are setting up a Ultimaker Original + and there is clearly a problem with the homing. Please see the video. https://youtu.be/cowRuRntSBU This is upon adding the printer for the first time to CURA and leveling the buildplate. Please Help!
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