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  1. I have told them about that kind of issue, that a slice of a 3d print even with a different infill density will only show the infill patern used in each part of the print. The physicists and physicians don't seem to either understand (wich they would never admit) or don't care enough - both are possible. I'm seeing it as I next level challenge and it would help me personally in learning more about 3d printing and slicing. As I know we can set with the "per model setting" different almost everything, and using a double extruder we can use multiple types of material, I just thought a
  2. We are also looking at that alternative, but the one part print is a more reel body and not a split open. We want to scan a skull and not have to inconvenience of having a line where the cut would have to be. I use Fusion 360 but I'm not an expert on that one either, it might take time but I'll get there! Thanks for the great advice! H
  3. a bit of a noob here I'm afraid, you meen in the 3d modeling software or in cura? thanks! H
  4. actually both... Different filament might come in later but not quite yet, baby steps might take me all the way there!
  5. Hello world! I am currently working on a work project and need your help! I work in a cancer treatment facility and we would like to try printing a 3d scaned (as in medical scanner) body part. All the organs are contoured and we have an STL file out of it. What we would want to do is print different densities corresponding to different organs. The first idea is to make a puzzle and assemble the various parts, but I feel like having a one part print would be so much more user friendly... please help! for obvious reasons, I can't send you the patient's scan b
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