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  1. I know at least for PETG if you cool the bed, the print can pop off I keep the bed hot for the whole print
  2. you can enter almost any measurement into fusion, I sometimes use mm and sometimes inches
  3. fusion 360 just added display in both units, I love that
  4. I have 0.6 nozzle in printer specs and 0.3 layers, sometimes when starting it picks either 1.0 or 1.2 line width to use and will not use the specs I chose I close it and restart it and it has my specs, so odd
  5. it is all about layers, so layer scheme
  6. in color scheme? found it, but that wording makes no sense
  7. in preview, I can't find how to view just the infill or support
  8. curious, running the print with a 1mm nozzle resulted in very little infill, running with 0.5mm nozzle had lots so not sure why
  9. I did reinstall 3.4.1 and it did the same thing, so I'm lost the model is solid I'll check other things big bearing block.stl
  10. all I did was install the new version, all settings were the same
  11. I told it 75% infill, it looked like 10% is there some new infill option to fix this? it worked under 3.4.1
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