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  1. To be more specific, it appears to be your Graphics driver. Looks like you have an ATI video card or chipset. You will need to make sure that you have the latest drivers installed. If this still fails, then you will likely need to do the following: Download the latest driver for your video card/chip, and have it available to reinstall. Download the "AMD Clean Uninstall Utility" available on AMD's site (who now own the ATI product line). Run the Uninstall Utility, which will remove all ATI drivers from your system. Reboot. Install the video drivers. REBOOT Try Cura again. ATI has historically had driver issues with abandoned files and registry settings making apps fail. I've used this in the past with fairly good results. It is NOT guaranteed to solve your problem though.
  2. Printer is locked to the 2.85mm branch*, Filament is hard coded to 2.85mm in three reference files. Changing it will not change the slice. * Also means you only get 2.85mm filament material definitions. This has been identified as to be fixed in new version.
  3. What printer did you select. If custom, details, please.
  4. Funny, if there were menu options besides Basic and Expanded (such as user definable menu profiles) I wouldn't be in and out of the config menu to add/remove options so much. Super handy way to point people DIRECTLY to the sub-option they need to expose to change. Hope it comes back in 3.5.1++, I've gone back to 3.4.1
  5. Cura 3.5.0 adds the "Creality Ender-3" but defaults the filament diameter to 2.85mm. This is a 1.75 diameter filament printer.
  6. In 3.4.1 and earlier, you could go into the right-hand menu, and go to any section (for this example we'll use "Experimental") and click the gear. The Preferences/Settings menu would open with the selected category (in this case "Experimental") set, and expanded. One could then add/change/delete the menu options under that category. In 3.5.0, the gear opens Preferences/Settings, but leaves the list homed at the top of the list "Quality" (System tested under Windows 7 64-bit, Exisiting 3.4.1 install, Cura 3.5.0 install without removing 3.4.1, will repeat with Windows 10 when I fire Win10 up.)
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