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  1. while we are talking about the Ender 3 Profile: I can't pick the custom materials i created for my other printers for this profile. Perhaps it is because of the wrong diamater. It looks like the Ender is treated as an Ultimaker machine.
  2. The filament diameter for the Ender 3 is wrong by default in the Cura profile. Go to the machine settings for the Ender, choose the tab "Extruder 1" and change the setting for "Compatible filament diameter" from 2.85mm to 1.75mm.
  3. Hey there, first of all: thanks for the great work! BUT: You disabled the ability to set the diameter in the sidebar. I now have to create a profile (wich is fine for me) but the profile doesn't seem to have any effect on the print settings at all. I tried to use the little "Fx" button to let Cura calculate the value but that doesn't do the job for temperatures or anything else i set in the material profile. As long as it doesn't use the diameter i set it into, this version is unusable for me (and for many many others cause it is a BIG difference to use the actual diame
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