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  1. @Shadowman @kmanstudios While the apologies are appreciated, they are not necessary. Thanks again for your time, help and discussions!
  2. The scales are definitely tilting towards the S5. Is there anything that's a must accessory? I was thinking along the lines of a spare glass build plate (giving prints cool time & easily swap in case of botched print) Necessary? Are all glass build plates created equally or are some better than others? Thanks again everyone! I feel much more confident in my knowledge and expectations.
  3. An additional camera(s) and software that could detect a failed print based on the predicted silhouette of the print. I've had print beds shift or prints get knocked over. It would be nice if this could be detected with cameras and software to alert or send a notification and possibly shut itself down to save filament and energy.
  4. Thanks everyone! I feel much more informed, but I'm still not sure I'm any closer to making a decision! I thought the S5 would be more reliable, but feedback seems to indicate both are reliable machines. I would be more inclined towards the UM3, but now I feel I've underestimated the potential of the large build volume and the filament sensor. I watched review vids for the S5 I had to pick my jaw off the floor after seeing builds utilizing the space. @kmanstudios @Carla_Birch Where/When does the print pause when the sensor detects the end of a filament spool? Is it as soon as the end reaches t
  5. Thanks everyone! I was hoping to get more opinions from those, like @P3D, who have both or have upgraded from the UM3 to the S5. I was curious to know if those folks had experienced any noticeable difference in build quality or reliability.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! It really sounds like build volume is the deciding factor. @SandervG I have seen forum posts where many people have issues with the active bed leveling and say leveling manually is usually better. Is the S5 more of an improvement than a solution to this problem? I think I've ruled out the UM2 versions as I'd like dual extrusion and I've read the UM3 is much more reliable. Thanks again!
  7. S5 features with a UM3 build size for a UM3+ price
  8. After owning a printer and much research, I have decided to buy my way into the Ultimaker family. Now I need to decide whether to get the UM3 or the S5. On the surface the UM3 is an easy choice for me. The resolutions and tech seem very similar in both and I am not really seduced by the touch screen or large print volume of the S5, although they are impressive. The only reason I even consider the S5 is the filament flow sensor and the overhauled print bed leveling. Which are both things to heavily consider! Running out of filament sucks and can be a huge waste! I have also spent hours/weekends
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