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  1. Can you use the scale toolbar to uniformly scale the prints to the correct measurements in Cura?
  2. @smartavionics, @gr5, Yep, it was actually the hotend fan though. For some reason, it blows down on the print on the left side. I disabled it and the measurements were close enough. Looks like I'll be upgrading to a different cooling system sooner than later. Either that or convince the local Elementary school to sell me their Ultimaker 2 they aren't using. Thanks for your help.
  3. Sorry, I uploaded the wrong file. This is the right one. I spiralized it with a 0.2 nozzle so the width of the walls wouldn't matter in the file. I believe the thinner wall is the first wall printed. I'll turn off coasting and see if that does any better and try some different options as well. CCR10_20mm_hollow_cube.3mf
  4. @smartavionics, Sure, attached is the cura project file. Thanks!
  5. I print these single-walled cubes with a 0.2 nozzle but one side always comes out thinner. Its a plague. Its the Y-axis on the left side of the cube and cube prints counterclockwise. On this side, the print measures 0.205 and all three other sides measure 0.225. Am I missing an option in Cura? I'm printing with an Ender 3 but I'm thinking since its only on one Y-axis that its a software option that I'm missing.
  6. I get the same result on the Ender 3. I tried different settings such as going as high as I can on Coasting and a negative Retraction Extra Prime Amount. None of it seems to help so far.
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