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  1. Checked & cleaned the fan, seems to have solved the problem.
  2. @Smithy 5.2.11 is installed. I have multiple printers with 5.2 or 5.4. @TheodorK I am using Ultimaker PLA with recommended settings (205 deg. printing temperature) See the attached picture: the filament seems thickened once it enters the print core.
  3. Hi! I have a reoccuring problem with multiple of my S5 printers. At first, it seemed that the core was clogged, no material extruded. After cleaning the same problem occured. I checked the feeder and feeder tension. During the material change, material extrudes normally trough the nozzle, but with the first layer, lines get thinner and thinner until no material extrudes and a notification for 'material empty' pops up. It seems that the feeder tries to 'jam' the material into the print core what results in a thickened wire (which makes it harder to pull it out of the core or to chan
  4. Hi, I've been printing for a while now using two Ultimaker S5. The only problem I encountered so far is that when I am printing with TPU, the printer repeatedly stops the print and prompts the message 'one or more materials seems to be empty'. I'm printing with regular Cura settings and does not have altered the tension on the feeder gear. What can I do to prevent this error message? Lowering the print speed or feed rate? It is a real bummer to come back after a weekend and only see some layers being printed and this message on display. Regards, Michiel
  5. The MAC addresses are displayed under network settings, right?
  6. @P3D , nope. I use the printers for work and my company is quite large so we have a separate IT department. Do you think I can adress this question to them?
  7. Hi all, I've been working with two S5 for a while now. Something that I cannot fix is the fact that the IP address of the printers is changing constantly, which means that I cannot send prints over the network or monitor them. It is not a huge inconvenience but it would be nice if this works! How can I fix this? Regards, Michiel
  8. Hey all, Is someone here able to create a plugin that uses the built-in camera of the Ultimaker S5 to make a timelapse of a print? And an additional request: is it possible to store it on the plugged-in USB? The network within my company is protected in such a way that it isn't possible to keep a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  9. @eried I am having the same issues after installing 3.5. @thopiekar can you help us with this? Thanks in advance!
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