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  1. Maybe I've got a Israel-printer here in Germany ;-)
  2. Thank you for your reply. We will get a 2nd printer during the next days. So I'll see how this printer behaves. After that I'll decide about the next steps. I'll keep you informed.
  3. Firmware is 5.0.19 20180622. So it seems OK. I started the Cura Connect reset in the menu and the factory reset, but the menu entry for WiFi setup is still greyed out. ?
  4. Hello, Unfortunately, I can not start the WIFI setup because it is not active (grey). Although no LAN cable is connected, I am not able to unactivate ethernet. If try it, it reactivates anytime. What is wrong with the WiFi setup? Can that be that UM S5 printers in Germany are delivered without wifi card? Because we have some internal restictions in our company I have to connect via WiFi instead of LAN. USB is also no option, because our files on USB-sticks are encrypted. Best regards Thomas
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