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  1. OK! I will check it out later and report on Github.
  2. Sorry I am not github specialist and I have no time for becoming it as well at moment. I use older version till it will be fixed.
  3. Something bad is happened with "Z Seam Alignment"="Sharpest Corner" and "Seam Corner Preference"="Hide Seam". Same project file with same settings give really different results for 4.6.1 and 4.7.0. 4.7.0 exposes the seam instead of hiding and it is not the sharpest corner anyhow. Same layer view on pictures (one pic. is on orthographic and other is on perspective view).
  4. Indeed it was the heighest point there due model angle.
  5. No, the encraved letters are not close to the top of model. Model height is ca 70mm and error spot is at 47mm. Engraved text depth is 0.2mm. Print layer hights are 0.2mm. Unfortunately I cannot upload stl file. Anyway I solved the problem by modifing the model but it seems to be slicing error by Cura.
  6. I have problem that Cura put top line outside of walls which ruins the outer surface quality. How to get rid of this without modifing model? Seems to be slicing issue. There is some engraved text where this happens and I can get rid of it if I change the model slightly by adding chamfer to that place.
  7. No, I am printing over WIFI. It gives error if I play with number of models (1 to 9 and reverse) in CURA when One at a time is active. If I do not change number of models, it works fine repeatedly.
  8. Still, S5 keeps failing and failing to print objects "One at a Time" again and again. Printer restart helps to overcome this since next failure. Additionally, if printer says "Out of material" or something similar and if you then abort print, then the bed is raised to top and the printed part hits the printhead! Happened to me several times - a bug?
  9. UM S5 gives error message for a line if I try to print with standard profiles except the changes "Print Sequence->One at a Time". It slices without problem, levels the bed and fails just before starting to print. Firmware Cura 4.2.1 Added also the GCode. For test I tried to print 3pcs of 20x20x20mm cubes. All the help is highly appreciated! Edit: OK! It started to work after I reinstalled the firmware and Cura. Weird as everything else worked before reinstall. UMS5_20x20_Cube.gcode
  10. It is not related with coasting and wipe distance as the stripes are identical around the outer surface of cylinder. Picture from the other side.
  11. I made test print with UM S5. Sliced with Cura 3.4.1. Left Nozzle 0.8AA (blue) and Right 0.4AA (green). Printed with PLA, settings are predefined by Cura, except layer height is 0.1mm. Cylinder inner diameter is 10mm and outer is 15mm. 0.4AA Nozzle printed very deep identical stripes around outer perimeter of cylinder. These are ca 0.3mm deep. What is causing this issue?
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