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  1. Hi gr5 and thank you so much for your answer and tips ? Because this was my first post it took a little while before it was posted, so in the meantime I manage to solve my problem. I dont know what caused it in the first place, but a factory reset did the trick. You are correct about the arrow in the last picture are pointing to the layer offset. In the xy calibration I did not change any numbers, it was fine on 0 on both. Edit: Today the layer offset came back and I saw that one of the belt were loose, so this actually fixed my problem again.
  2. Hi everyone ? I have a problem when printing with two colors (PLA). The first layer in both color, no matter what layer they are on, are moved about 1-2 mm in Y direction. I have the newest firmware and done the xy calibration. The build plate is not loose and I use the newest Cura. Using 0.4 nozzle on both, and have tried 0.25 as well. The problem is only on two colors. I tried using raft, it does not solve the problem but it helps because the movement is done on the raft, but raft is only one color so the other color will have the wrong moving as well. The modell looks fine in Cura. Any suggestions? Using Ultimaker Extended 3
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