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  1. Hey ultiarjan I wanted to use the print core since i hope to develop it into something that works with the ultimaker. It is about printing in conductive materials. If my idea bears fruit i hope to print with the ultimaker. So since i in the end am hoping to have something working with the ultimaker i would like to use the print cores.
  2. Thank you tinkergnome. I'll have to look it over again as i was not able to find what i was looking for right away. I have however looked at the diagrams again and i think i got it. If you look at this link: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker3/blob/master/PCB files/2012-K Print head PCB/Schematic and layout pdf/Schematic Prints_printhead_2012-K_01.PDF Schematic Prints_printhead_2012-K_01.PDF To the far right. right next to the "B" where it says "hotend 1". I think these are the 5 connections from the print head to the print core. wire 1 and 2 goes to the thermistor. Which data can be found on the far left right next to the "C". I assume this is linear. I tried plotting the resistance vs the degrees and it seemed linear. Wire 1 (the output from the thermistor) is then connected to a analog to digital converter. So measuring the resistance from wire 1 to wire 2 gives me the degrees in celcius. Wire 3 - where it says "1-wire_1" is connected to and IO that converts it to a i2c signal. I assume that this is the EEPROM that gives information about the print core - i dont really need this. I googled DS2482-100 to figure this out. Wire 4 and 5 is heater 1 negative and positive. And from the far left top i assume this is 24 volts. So what is wire 1 to 5 on this diagram? PCB Prints.PDF Well the third wire is obviusly in the middle. And since the fourth from the right is connected to more than one thing i assume this is ground. Making the numbering from left to right being 5,4,3,2,1. So what one needs to do to measure the degrees, hence the resistance over the thermistor, is to make some sort of cirquit that can measure the resistance and input it to an analog input in arduino or raspberry pi. We then need a 24 volt power supply and probably a relay so this can be controlled from an arduino or raspberry pi. If the relay is fast enough i guess you can use a pwm to control the heater. Some sort of PID controller in the arduino so you can set the degrees is probably a good idea. I am pretty sure that's how it works. When i get the parcel with the spare print core i will test this theory. And hopefully i'll remember to update this thread. If i haven't posted anything in a week remind me.
  3. Hello To my undestanding the Ultimaker is open source so i hope it is ok i ask this. I am trying to figure out how the interface to the print cores is done. I need to figure this out since i need to test a crazy idea i have. This idea includes having to control the temperature of the hotend. I have bought a spare BB 0.4 mm print core i need to control from a arduino or raspberry pi. I found the schematics for the print head here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker3/tree/master/PCB files I am not sure but if i am correct the answer is hidden somewhere here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker3/blob/master/PCB files/2118-G Cartridge PCB/Project Outputs for Cartridge PCB/Schematic Prints.PDF and here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker3/blob/master/PCB files/2012-K Print head PCB/Schematic and layout pdf/Schematic Prints_printhead_2012-K_01.PDF From the latter it looks like it is a standard i2c interface. I am looking at the top right corner where it says hotend 2. From the first - which i assume is the diagram for the print core - i guess the TP1 to TP4 correstponds to the P1 to P4 below in the diagram. 1) is the connection to the temperature sensor i assume 2) is a connection to ground 3) is the positive connection to the heat sensor and the positive connection to the heater 4) is the ??? This doesn't make sence. Is there two heaters or ??? is it possible to have the sda and scl on the same wire (3)? Can you help me?
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