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  1. after working through 'beforePrintStarted' script routines cura issues a G0 F6000 X.. Y.. Z0.. if X and Y coordinates are small the high feed rate maxes out the Z rate and plunge the print head in a quite 'unseemly' acceleration and speed toward the build plate, former versions of cura issued F3600 which behaved more moderate to avoid rapid Z axis movement on first positioning I cured the questionable sequence with cura's post processing module cura/menu/extensions/post processing/modify g-code - search and replace search: (F6000)( X.+Y.+Z0.+) replace: F3000\2 regExp: yes replaces F6000 X.. Y.. Z0.. with F3000 X.. Y.. Z0.. there should be only one line with F6000 with Z0.. coordinate, so check your 'beforePrintStarted' script regExp explanation group 1 = F6000 -> F3000 group 2 = X.. Y.. Z0.. -> \2 (printer Creality CR-10S, cura 4.3)
  2. Same here, Cura 3.5.0 dose not start under Windows 10 but a task manager entry exists. My workaround: Cura desktop icon / right click - properties / compatibility / check compatibility mode for windows 8 Unchecking compatibility mode and starting Cura will work once.
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