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  1. i think i found the plugin you are talking about, it only does z-axis, i need on the x-axis, you see, if i configure cura to print with both heads my build size get's reduced in the firmware on the printer from 322x250(single head) to 270x250(dual head) and "home" position is the same while total buildplate size is 374x250 and add another 5mm gap on each side from nozzle to the edge of the buildplate when it's homed. so i need to figure out how i can make in total 62mm on each side of buildplate(x-axis) to be limited to "travel only".
  2. Hi. I own an IDEX printer, and since i can't use "origin offset" like i use in S3D. i have no idea what else i can do to make it work i need like -5mm offset on the bed from home position. Any advice? i was looking into "machine_disallowed_areas" but can't find anything on this topic.
  3. Thank you yyh1002. For this awsome mod and all the help i got from you to get this working. Everything is printed in CPE from Fillamentum. "lever" mechanism is printed in Carbonfiber Nylon. Still some finetuning left. But it does the job VERY well.
  4. It may be possible if there is a ptfe tube with 4mm OD and 3mm ID. by looking at the parts i got now, you can maybe get away with drilling 3mm hole in the part with "push" fitting on top. it's only 2mm for 1.75 filament. the "pipe" part and all the way down to nozzle is 4mm to be used with ptfe tube. but i don't think it will be any good without the "4od-3id" ptfe tube, as soon as 3mm(2.85) filament gets down to the nozzle it will melt and creep up the heatsink and pipe because of all the spare room around filament and pressure from the extruder motor.
  5. Now when you said it, i had to look closer and you are right. Just hope i get everything i need in my order.
  6. Nozzles, you can use pretty much every nozzle there is for 1.75. as long as it's compatible with e3d v6 systems because of the M6 "threaded" lenght and you can get theme everywhere. Heatblock, is like olsson block, but for 1.75mm (found on ali) Heat-throat, colling fins/heatsink and push-fittings: has to be ordered from taobao, it's realy a custom made peace i never seen before. Had a look at one on Ali, not the same. the ones used here got "push-fitting" in the top for bowden tube and don't think the ones from UM3 will fit here. Have a 2x set on order now, realy looking forward to build this print head.
  7. is there any other websites where i can get hot end parts? don't understand language, and google translate is to not much help.
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