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  1. Description When slicing flat models (test.stl attached) I get 0 print time and 0 filament used (test.log). However if I rotate the same model by 90 degrees (test_rotated.stl) to make it taller I get reasonable results (test_rotated.log). In GUI Cura everything's fine, although even if I copy all the -s parameters from cura.log I still get the same problem. Am I missing something here? Application Version 3.4.1 3.5 Platform Linux Steps to Reproduce Take the attached test.stl Run: CuraEngine slice -v -j '/usr/share/Cura/resources/definitions/fdmprinter.def.json' -v -o /dev/null -l test.stl Actual Results CuraEngine 15.04: (good!) Print time: 14206 Filament: 13965 CuraEngine 3.4.1: (error) Print time (s): 0 Print time (hr|min|s): 0h 0m 0s Filament (mm^3): 0 CuraEngine 3.5: (error) [ERROR] Unknown exception. Expected results Print Time > 0 Filament > 0 test.stl test_rotated.log test_rotated.stl test.log
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