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  1. Looks like there is some code in Cura that is not signed buy a current developer account. There was a message in the security settings about software from a legacy developer that had been prevented from running, and allowing it would need a restart. clicking the allow button and restarting resolved the issue.
  2. After updating to cura 4. when launching the app, all I get is beachball (mac os) and fans on high. Removing every file that I can find on my machine that has cura in the name, and relaunching a fresh download lets me add my printer, but it will beachball before I can interact with it. tried going back to cura 3.6, it does the same thing now. so glad my new 3d printer arrives tomorrow, and I have a great slicer to use right away.... or not.
  3. I have the same issue on my mac, if I leave cura 3.5 open after sending a print to my printer (via octoprint), it will grow to consume extreme amounts of RAM, the highest I have seen is 96GB (virtual)
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