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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to update the status of this issue. I raised up the temperature of the bed up to 110ºC and acquired some adhesion sheets from Ultimaker and the part got sticked to the bed and no warping appeared. I have to say that the part did REALLY got sticked to the bed, to the point where it was really difficult unstick it from it. Apparently you cannot have both ways... Anyways, problem solved. Thank you guys for your advice!
  2. Hi gr5, Thank you for the hints and the video. I will keep trying different settings. Thanks again!
  3. Thank you guys for your response! Yes, we do have the enclosure for our printer and yes I followed the steps you point out as I know that printing ABS can be specially tricky. I also set up a wider brim and a higher temperature of the bed (100ºC) than the one that comes in Cura by the default. And the result after around 3-4 hours of print is a quite notable wraping of the material from the bed. It is true that I am not using the Avery L7567 adhesion sheets (thanks Smithy) and that the filament is not the from genuine Ultimaker brand (it's from Smartfil)...so maybe it is related to the quality of the material. I will keep trying different settings and cross my fingers. Thanks!
  4. Hi there to everyone, I know this topic might not be a new, but I am really struggling to print ABS in our UM3. I don't really manage to get a proper bed adhesion. I followed the tips and instructions you can find online in the website (https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/22226-how-to-print-with-ultimaker-abs), trying different methods for adhesion: 3D printing spray, glue stick, tape, perfectly cleaned bed glas,etc. I also to tried different printing settings: using the parameters that Cura has by default (80ºC of bed temperature for ABS) and I also modifying the bed temperature up to 100ºC. The material I am using is a standard ABS from Smart materials (https://smartmaterials3d.com/es/) and oru printer has the advanced 3D printing eclosure set. I know that printing ABS can be tricky and temperature drop downs are a key feature not to get wraping, but I tried different ways being particularly careful in the temperature issue inside the printer. And the result has been always the same: pieces get loosen even if the tape (for example) on the plate is still quite sticky. Has anyone the same problem?Any clue on how can I solve this?Could it be related to the ABS material itself (and/or its conservation)? Thanks in advance!
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