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  1. Excellent info gr5!! Last night i tried to print it again with enclosure(enclosure temp 36 deg C) and got much better results than my first try without enclosure.Now part feels much stronger.I tried to break it (section where it broke last time)by hand and it didn't break. But I found that part got warped from the bottom but top of my part was absolutely flat.I heated my bed to 105 deg.Could it be due to the bed being too hot?I have attached the pic of my part where it shows warpage on the bottom. Also there is fine gap on the top layer as shown in the pictu
  2. I printed again with using enclosure(enclosure temp was 36 deg) ,raised the nozzle temp by 10 deg and part came out much better than last time. I noticed two problems: 1)There is a fine gap on the top layer.I have attached the picture where i compared with the cura layer view. 2)Part got warped from the bottom (as shown in the 3rd picture)but top is perfectly flat.Absolutely no warpage on the top.Could it be due to the bed temp too high?I heated the bed to 105 deg. My printer is ender3 and used this ASA filament.I have also attached my cura project file i used.
  3. Hi, My top layer looks much coarser than the brim.Its visible in the layer view and also on the part too.I am attaching the picture and my cura project file.Please guide me to the settings that affect top layer resolution.My brim looks much smoother,without any fine gaps but my part's top layer looks coarser and has fine gaps. Please guide.Thanks CCR10_onepiece2.curaproject.3mf
  4. Thanks a lot gr5 for your reply.I printed that part with fan turned off completely and ambient temp was 25 deg C.But will try to make a enclosure for the printer and raise the nozzle temp as you suggested. Is there any setting in cura that can help me?I mean to make the top section of the part completely solid instead of shelled?Thanks.
  5. Hi, I just joined this excellent forum and need help with the Cura settings and parameters.Here is the info: Printer------ 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle Filament---ApolloX ASA 1.75mm (https://www.formfutura.com/shop/product ... tegory=116) Nozzle temp--245 deg C Bed temp--100 deg C Slicer used--Cura and printed using brim option My problems: 1)Part rigidity.Its top section is breaking easily as the wall section is thin.I want to make just the top section solid so that its more rigid (rigidity needed only on the top section where the grooves are).I am attaching the stl file and the
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