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  1. Hi, i have the same issue, i'm waiting an answer also .
  2. Kerat

    Food safe

    Thank you for advices, i will try what you said guys.
  3. Kerat

    Food safe

    Hello community, I have a request from a client, who wishes to create molds that will be used to make chocolate in different shapes and sizes. My question is, if I use Ultimaker's PC filament, and then pour the chocolate directly in the mold, will the filament in any way interfere with the chocolate? Is there a chance that the high temperature of the molten chocolate will slightly melt the mold, and make pieces of filament remain attached to the chocolate? Even if that doesn't happen, and the PC will not deteriorate in any way, is this whole process food safe? meaning that is there a risk of contamination of any kind? From what I've searched online, the average melting point of chocolate is 30-35 degrees Celsius. Also, if you would, can you recommend the best filament to use in this case? The safest. most food friendly that comes to mind? Thank you in advance!
  4. Thank you for advice an help. I did it using Cura, puting 1kg of an cubic design for the printer we want (U5) compared for the printer that i have right now, and showed them what is the difference in time but mentioning that it can be different from print to print I know, thank you for the advice again, it has 160 pages, explaining what i want to do, how and when , and it's 99% truth, hope it will be good and i will be more implicated in this comunity ? Also sorry for the bad english ?
  5. Thank you guys for the answers, i will try to find out using your ideas. I need it for a business plan that i want to make , so this kind of information is very important ? I know that this thinks can different from a print to another, but i need to explain this kind of stuff to people that are not in 3D printing .
  6. Also can you please tell me using average setup for S5 how many grams/kg of PLA does it extrude in 1H or 1 min. I basically want to know what is the average print speed of S5 on the PLA material and also if you know for others materials (like ABS, PC, TPU)
  7. Hello, Can someone please tell me the average power consumption levels of 5S printers, per hour, both in stand by phase and while printing? Thank you in advance,
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