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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, I have had to get a competition done. I have been printing from an old version of CURA and have now got this one back to 3.5.1 with the same issues. When I select Generic PLA it seems to have fixed the issue. As I get a bit more time I will try adding a new Thanks and again sorry for the delayed feedback
  2. Thanks for response, It is definitely 1.75 in machine settings - I had thought that at first as well, the first time I created the printer it was 2.85 and I changed it to 1.75. When I reopen the settings it says 1.75 as well. I tried restarting after setting it as well, I also verified after the restart that the setting stayed at 1.75. I did not verify the filament settings on the right though, I think from memory filament diameter is also set there for the material choice - I will double check when I get home.
  3. Hi When adding a custom printer (Ramps, Arduino Mega, Marlin 1.9) from scratch the prints come out like trash (I will clarify below) My situation: I have upgraded from 3 from years ago, I had a custom printer running Ramp3, Arduino, and Marlin 1.4 or something. I had this custom printer running for all versions of Cura and it would print fine. I decide to build a new printer, and having the same hardware but with Marlin 1.9. I can print perfectly on this printer using the profile for my first printer. I decided to create a new printer as the bed size was different. I added
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