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  1. That would be great if you did, but i'd understand if you don't wanna code for hours everytime Cura updates itself. I thought maybe it would be a quick fix like in a settings file to say "compatible with 4.0 AND 4.1" but if they changes the code alot it's a bummer. Thanks you nonetheless for the previous version which gave me back my beloved Cura the way i like it :) Maybe i'll just downgrade to 4.0 and miss the gyroid supports.
  2. Yeah it's so great, even in their images you can see they need to move the settings panel everywhere to be able to get access to the slice and/or save button, the layer slider also appears under the settings bar when you slice, the LOAD button doesn't appear in Preview mode, gotta switch back to default view to load a file, i mean how the hell could they fock this up more !? Oh i know, by charging us 10$ for it i guess... I've been sold tu Cura since v15.x but i'm now seriously considering switching if they keep doing bullshit like this. I mean if like 10,000 users requested those change
  3. Me too, updated to 4.1.0, plugin is loaded but doesn't seem to do anything. I'm not the kinda guy to diss on free software but the new interface is hell on earth.
  4. Hi guys! I've been using Cura for years now but recently started having issues with small circles. Looks like it under-extrudes but that's not the case. Changing extrusion multiplier doesn't change anything about that issue. I've got wall and skin overlap set to 100%, but 50% or 25% doesn't change that issue either. I am using a 0.3mm nozzle with 0.3mm line width. The gap is present from the first/bottom layer to the last layer, all the way up the part. Using another slicer corrects that issue but i'd rather use Cura. Anyone knows how to resolve this ?
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