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  1. Thanks for the video. It's very helpful. I did manage to print my box using Ultimaker CPE and the result was quite nice. A little stringy, but it cleaned up well. I still want to retry with ABS, but hadn't found a good way to cover the top until just recently, and with the US Holidays and surrounding vacation time I haven't had a chance to try it yet with the top cover, and likely also increased bed temp. I'm a little surprised you didn't mention covering the top in your video, since that seems to be a key part of getting ABS to stick.
  2. Mine's at work too. So far I'm just trying to get a copy paper box. The admin keeps setting one out and then custodial staff keeps throwing it away. We have the official front panel already. I just need to cover the top.
  3. I found that pre-heating the glass plate to 60 and letting it sit for a few minutes once it got there to even out greatly enhanced both the quality of my first layer and the adhesion on the corners.
  4. I have very carefully manually leveled the bed, and the first layer has looked very good as long as I pre-heat the bed. The standard pre-heat cycle doesn't seem to be long enough to get it up to temp. I've used a front cover (which I mentioned) but not a top cover. Is there a standard practice for how to do this without getting in the way of the tubes and cords? As for the ABS slurry, I don't know if acetone is on the list of allowed chemicals in our facility currently, but I could attempt to get it added if the ABS juice is likely to provide better results than an adhe
  5. TL;DR: How do I get ABS to stop warping for this box using an Ultimaker 3 (or 2+)? or XY problem version: How do I best print this box in a way that can withstand the heat of a car? Model Photos of results Background: I made a circuit to live in my car, and I designed a box to hold it. The box stl files are here with the primary bottom shell in BShell.stl and the top in TShell.stl. After some experimentation, I got this box to print reliably with PLA. Things I found to help included printing the shells one at a time, putting a layer of glue on the glass p
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