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  1. I created a simple script for the "Post Processing" plugin called "OuterWallFan". I wanted to share this script and my experiences using it. I print end-use parts that must be as strong as possible, but also look nice with no visual defects. I discovered that I can create strong prints by not using the cooling fan, but this usually resulted in ugly parts. On the other hand, I can use the cooling fan to make the parts look great, but they were brittle and weak. (You are probably already aware of this 🙂.) I created the “OuterWallFan” script to balance part strength and ae
  2. Hello, I use Cura to print end-use parts. Once I get a particular part's Cura settings tuned to perfection 😉, I save the project file so I can just open it each time I need to produce more of that part. Right now, I use a text file with the same name as the project file I save to store notes, keep a revision history, and anything else I need to remember for that project file. I was thinking it would be nice to have a plain text field where I could enter multi-line notes from within the Cura GUI, and the notes would get saved along with the project file. Just
  3. Update: The problem exists in v3.6, too. I heard from Ultimaker tech support. An issue was submitted to GitHub regarding this issue on Oct 15. It is apparently a bug... https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/4583
  4. Thanks for the reply, Shadowman. I'm disappointed with Ultimaker with my first interaction on this forum. 3.5.1 is basically unusable for many of my models that require support. I'm using 3.4.1 with no issues for now. Hopefully they fix it in the next release.
  5. I'm still battling this problem. I tried several more settings changes and I can't resolve it. I attached a project file. Can someone please check if it happens for you too? Test Project.3mf
  6. Hello, With Cura 3.5.1, I have an issue where Cura is generating support on the build plate beneath areas where support is located in the model. The same support settings in 3.4.1 do not do this. (I open the same Cura project file in both versions.) See images below showing this. Is there a new setting that I've turned on or off causing this? I've changed several settings and nothing seems to stop this. Thanks for the help.
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