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  1. Hi Did anyone get any answers for this issue? How to run curaengine with so many arguments in command line using windows?
  2. Hi ahoeben Thanks for the suggestion. it works in Chrome. But not in IE, do you have any ideas how to make it work in IE? Thanks
  3. Hi Smithy Thanks for quick response, unfortunately we can't get rid of IE, as that is the only allowed browse due to various regulations. It is for internal website. Is there no other way, we can show the streaming in a web application?
  4. Hi We are using Ultimaker 3 Extended Printers which provides video streaming. I can view the link in Chrome directly. But I am not able to view it in IE, as it asks me to download. I need to show the video streaming in a website. When I try using <video tag in html5 it is not picking the stream, what is the quickest way to show the video in a website? It should work in standard browsers. Can someone please let me know Thanks Shan
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