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  1. Shadowman, Thanks very much for your response. The problem is exactly as you have understood. We have been frequently using the PLA material and have not used the PVA material or extruder. when you say 'we had to remove a significant amount of brown carbonized material' did you do this using the hot / cold pull methods? I have read elsewhere that an acupuncture needle can be used to poke through the end of the nozzle when the filament is heated to so I feel a combination of these methods should be used. I think a spare print core is also proba
  2. Hi there, So my print core seems to be completely blocked after a period of dormancy and i think the PVA has fully carbonised inside. I have tried hot and cold pulls but the material seems to me only just melting in the nozzle and nothing coming out the other side. I have tried to unblock with a needle (a thinner one may actually be the solution) Dismantling it looks like a chore but just wondering how close i may be to the last chance saloon or if there was a way to more easily remedy the problem? If anyone has had a similar experience it would be great to
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