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  1. The initial layer flow sounds promising but I fear that I will get an elephats foot if I crank it up until I get an smooth surface. Thats why I intendet to do the most outer layer at the normal 100%. I use a heated bed but blue tape is a good idea because I'm a bit afraight of prints bonding permanently to my ultrabase if I squish the first layer down too hard. Up to now I was a bit afraight of squishing down the first layer too hard but with bluetape this shouldn't be a problem. Using a remote print service doesn't make sense for me with my printer being in my basement without a network connection so everything should be done through the slicer
  2. I want to create an as-smooth-as-possible bottom layer. The thing that bothers me most is that the individual extrusion paths are still visible in the final part. I had the idea to let the printer lay down the outer perimeter as usual, but as soon as that's done increase the extrusion for the rest of the bottom layer. In theory, this should force the molten filament to squeeze in the small gaps bothering me. From my current (very little) understanding that's only possible by directly manipulating the G-Code but that shouldn't be too big of a problem. Did somebody try something like this? I found a couple threads concerning a smoother bottom layer, but I never saw a solution similar to my Idea. greez Phil
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