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  1. Well i wonder if there is anyway to make support more easier to remove. I have been playing around with the X/Y/Z distances, but this only make my prints more ugly and if i mess around with the support density i hardly have a feeling anything changes. At the moment i am printing at 5% density and still i have a hard time removing supports. Any suggestions or ideas?
  2. Well seems like i found it. I needed to change the pla settings itself. Seems like i always printed on Fiberlogy HD PLA settings and that fixed everything for me.
  3. i get it even at 100% infill And i tried to install and download cura 3.4.1 on this pc and run a print with it.... it also came out shitty
  4. This is what i always printed with and they always came out fine. And i dont think it is the pc itself! On the old pc i had cura 3.4.1 and it worked perfectly! My friend just now sended me a print file sliced on my old pc and cura 3.4.1 and the surface came out smooth and i also copied all the settings.
  5. Well so i bought a new pc and lended my old pc to a friend of mine. Installed Ultimaker 3.5.1 and since then my prints have been coming out like this. I have been messing around in the settings, but doesnt matter what i do always get the same results.
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