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  1. Hello, I print this box and when i remove from the bed the layer before infill just rip off. What can cause this? A miss configuration in Cura? Thanks
  2. With direct extrude i did not suffer from travel line, but when i switch to bowden extrude then the travel line shows up. I set the retraction value to 9 because when i do those retraction test which can be found on Thinginverse none of other numbers make a difference.
  3. Combine mode set to ALL and Z hop when retracting is disabled.
  4. I switch from direct extrude to Bowden setup and then the travel line show up. I also cut the teflon tube to minimize the distance from motor to hot end but same result. Sometimes i hear click on extruder motor. My step/mm are at 100. And the calibration show that i am extruding the exactly 100mm.
  5. How to remove scars from top and bottom of my print. I have try to reduce Extruder steps also change retraction distance to a higher value but no success. Here is my print Material BLack Pla Layer Height--0.15 Initial layer height --0.15 Wall line Width 0.4 Wall Thickness - 1 Wall Line Count - 2 Top Bottom Thickness - 0.8 Top Layers 6 Bottom Layers 6 Infill - 10% Inital temp 215 Temp 207 Retraction Distance - 9mm Retraction Speed - 60mm/s Print Speed - 40 Infill Speed - 100 Travel Speed - 100 Initial Layer Speed - 20.0
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